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What's the problem?

Large crowds at music festivals, such as Coachella, make it difficult to connect to cellular networks, make purchases, and to communicate and connect with friends.

How can it be solved?

Simplify payments and passes by consolidating them on mobile phones and use mesh networking as a way for people to be able to communicate without an internet connection.



A lot of inspiration was taken from Coachella's current design style, colors, and branding so that user experience between the web and Caravan are as seamless as possible.

A Wearable?

One direction I initially thought of going in was to use a wearable band as the main method for payments and messaging. After thinking about it, I eventually decided against it because it didn't add any value to the service other than a “cool” factor that would eventually get in the way (another things to worry about losing/breaking).

Visual Design

I wanted the app to be a true companion app by having it be the hub of all things Coachella related. So in addition to messaging and payment capabilites, the visual style of the ap changes throughout the day. It begins with a light blueish and sunny hue, changes to a purple twilight tone, and ends with a dark midnight blue at night mirroring the user's path throughout the day.




Interactive Design